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Education on the Olifants River


Getaway Magazine

Educational canoeing trip with Explore4Knowledge down the drought-stricken Olifants River in South Africa.

"On a damp September evening in 2015 I found myself sitting in a low cave on the banks of the Western Cape’s Olifants River. A diesel generator thumped softly in the distance as the flickering light of a film projector bounced from a small screen, onto a row of captivated faces. We were watching The End of the Line, a disturbing documentary on the deplorable state of world fish stocks. It was the final night of the ‘Water Warriors’ expedition and the small group of students who’d been paddling and portaging from the mountains above Ceres were nearing their goal. The estuary and river mouth were just a few kilometres downstream and their 10-day, source-to-sea adventure was almost complete."

Extract from Deep waters, Getaway magazine, January 2016. —

Chris Davies