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Wild Coast Fat Biking


Getaway Magazine

Cycling South Africa's Wild Coast by fat bike with the fantastic team at Detour Trails.

"I’d last crossed the Great Kei River nearly 20 years ago. It was an ill-fated adventure: me and a best mate and a girl we’d just met who shared our birthday, same day, same year. Gemini triplets and a hut on the Wild Coast. Surely good times were written in the stars... but no, it was a catastrophe. No amount of cosmic alignment could help us get along and after an awkward goodbye I never saw her or the Wild Coast again. The coast was not to blame, but still, I’d never returned.

Now here I was, in a borrowed outfit and on this strange-looking bike, about to cross the Kei again – about to cycle five days to Hole in the Wall and never mind that I’d not ridden in nearly a decade. That last time I’d broken a wrist. What was I getting myself into?"

Extract from The phattest way to see the Wild Coast, Getaway magazine, January 2017. —

Chris Davies