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A selection of Chris Davies' published writing and photography.

Hiking the Isle of Skye


Getaway Magazine

A week of summer hiking on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, featuring Camasunary and Lookout bothy, and lots of rain and sheep.

"A distant screech echoes off the hills and we stop in surprise, and turn to look at the loch. This particular inlet, Loch Nan Uamh, is one of over 200 sea lochs along Scotland’s west coast, and our narrow footpath has zigzagged up its southern slopes, offering cloud-wreathed views of the pine-clad far shore. The shrill blast is unmistakable, and now a second and third bounces across the water as a billowing steam train powers across an arched stone bridge. In seconds it disappears, still blasting away, the piercing whistle muted by a suddenly muffling tunnel..."

Extract from On the Trail of Unicorns and Rainbows, Getaway magazine, May 2018.  —

Chris Davies