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Wild camping in Botswana


Getaway Magazine

The best of Botswana in a two-week camping trip.

"We were 10 kilometres past Platjan Border Post when our rear shock absorber came adrift with a horrible, grating bang.

‘It’s just something on the roof,’ I said, a touch hopefully. ‘One of the jerries is a little loose. I’m sure it’s nothing serious.’

John, my long-time friend and travelling companion, wasn’t convinced. He has a tendency to pessimism in these situations and, while in all other areas a more rational outlook prevails, otherwise minor concerns can quickly escalate out of all proportion whenever we’re on the road. The thing I find really infuriating is that, just sometimes, he’s absolutely right. This was one of those times."

Extract from Botswana, met ys! Getaway magazine, May 2013. —

Chris Davies