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Getaway Guide to Botswana


Getaway Magazine

Getaway guide to the best 4x4 routes, national parks and campsites in Botswana, co-authored with Tyson Jopson for Getaway magazine and BFGoodrich.

"Every country has a highlight ‒ that one thing that puts it on the map. Botswana is different. It boasts several of the planet’s most celebrated, and totally wild destinations. From the vast Kalahari and the miraculous Okavango Delta to the engimatic Savuti Channel, it’s a country coveted by wildlife enthusiasts the world over and is more than a one-stop destination. Getting the best of Botswana requires time, a 4x4 and knowing exactly where to go. This guide helps you to do that by providing an overview of the best routes, but more importantly, information on which stands to pick at the campsites, where to stop, what to look out for and road conditions. It’s the kind of information you won’t find in a regular guide book."

Extract from The Getaway 4x4 Guide to Botswana, October 2015. —

Chris Davies